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Monthly Livestreams interviewing different academics from across the department.
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Updates on upcoming events, and reels and infographics.
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Our longer form video content, including reuploads of Twitch streams.
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Tweet chains for information and updates on what the team are getting up to.
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All our knowledge on what and how we do what we do is added into a single google doc (an ongoing work in progress!) Check it out below.
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The history of Behind the Research.

  • April 2022

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Started as an idea between SAMBa CDT and Kat to create a legacy toolkit for the PhD students in the maths department to take part in public engagement.

  • May 2022

    Public Engagement Support

    The project was awarded a Public engagement grant to set up the "Content Creation Toolkit", and Behind the Research was born, recruiting it's first three team members.

  • June 2022

    Our First Big Project

    To kick things off we decided to go big, and use the SAMBa Integrative Think Tank as a place to start! We recorded the entire week, documenting the journey of two of the team members through participating in the event. This was our first big vlog video!

  • Oct 2022

    Live in 3,2,1...

    After a summer of training and planning we went live on twitch with our first ever Livestream! Since then we've streamed every month, inviting a variety of guests on to share their experiences.

  • Jun 2023

    Showing off in style!

    We were honoured to be invited to present as part of the Doctoral Awards Showcase. We got wined and dined and met so many interesting people from across the doctoral college. You can check out the poster we presented here

  • And
    so much

Our Amazing Team

Behind the Research wouldn't exist without these wonderful people!

Kat Phillips

Lead of Behind the Research. Final year PhD Student studying Impacting Droplets. Maths Communicator under the brand "KatDoesMaths".

Seb Scott

Second year PhD student researching how machine learning can be used in solving inverse problems, such as those arising in medical imaging aplications.

Beth Stokes

First year PhD student, studying collective motion of Trinidadian Guppies. Her research aim is to develop a mathematical model that describes their behaviour across multiple, spatioal, social, and temporal scales.

Henry Writer

MRes Student at SAMBa CDT. Interested in studying numerical methods for fluid dynamical problems.

Previous members: Jenny Power