Behind the Research

An Initiative funded by the SAMBa CDT and University of Bath Public Engagement Office. Focused on showing off the real people behind the research using a wide variety of online platforms

Meet the Team


`Behind the Research` is an initiative lead by Kat Phillips and supported by SAMBa and Public Engagement Unit at the University of Bath. It is a collaboration of PhD students showcasing the real-life, day to day aspects of research at all stages, and uses a variety of platforms and mediums to (hopefully) de-mystify academia.
Though there is a focus on delivering interesting and entertaining content, this scheme also focuses on providing training and outreach opportunities to the PhD students in the maths deparment at the University of Bath. Through content creation, we aim to support PhD students in developing their own skills.

Current Projects

  • P.h.Day in the Life: A collection of vlogs documenting key points of the PhD experience Jul '22
  • 12 Days of Research: A series of 12 mini reels that culminated in a parody of the 12 days of Christmas, this time with an academic twist. Dec '22
  • Behind the Research, Stream edition: Monthly livestreams where the team sit down with academics and learn about their experiences and journy through academia. Monthly

Meet the Team

Image of Beth


First year PhD student, studying collective motion of Trinidadian Guppies. Her research aim is to develop a mathematical model that describes their behaviour across multiple, spatioal, social, and temporal scales.

Image of Kat


Final year PhD student researching theroetical and numerical methods to develop a deeper understanding of how droplets bounce. She's also a livestreaming maths communicator and the face, brain, and everything else of KatDoesMaths

Image of Seb


Second year PhD student researching how machine learning can be used in colving inverse problems, such as those arising in medical imaging aplications.

Previous Members

  • Jenny Power: PhD student focusing on modelling radiation treatments. May '22 - Dec '22